Meditation for the CTO

January 11, 2019

Dr. Douglas Brackmann

CTOs are the brains behind their companies and the faces of their technologies. They are in charge of all technology decisions and it’s easy to see how this can become overwhelming and stressful. Spend an evening with Dr. Doug and fellow CTOs in San Diego and learn how meditation: improves cognitive processes, improves restful sleep and energy levels, teaches you to maintain a positive mindset, fosters discipline, supports healthy reactions to challenges. This talk was given at the 1st CTO Colloquium held in San Diego 12/19/2018.

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Mechanically Confident

January 4, 2019

Adam Cuppy, COO CodingZeal

This talk will help you recognize and design habits, routines, and practices that embed confidence into the body.
This talk was given at the 0111 CTO Conference in San Diego, CA 2018.
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Making the Product & Engineering Marriage Thrive

December 28, 2018

Vidya Dinamani Founder at

What makes a great product family work is having the product parents, Product & Engineering, in a great relationship. So, what goes into making this work? This talk explores the root causes of most dysfunctions and provides the product perspective in not just identifying and overcoming, but put you on the path to thriving.
Vidya Dinamani is co-founder for where she exercises her passion for coaching product leaders, product teams and entrepreneurs. She has over 18 years of experience specializing in business & technology strategy and product design, development and management. Vidya has held multiple executive product, customer experience and technology roles at leading companies such as Intuit, Mitchell International and Deloitte. She is also an angel investor, primarily focused on software company’s. A holder of 7 US patents for software technology, Vidya earned a B.S. in Physics from Victoria University, and a Masters from Carnegie Mellon University.
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Diversity in Team & Thought

December 19, 2018

Meetesh Karia, CTO The Zebra.

We’ve always embraced diversity as a way to not only bring on talented individuals but also to foster unique solutions and prevent groupthink. Through this mindset, we’ve built one of the most diverse teams (race, gender, education, age, attitude) I’ve ever been a part of and it has been a huge factor in the success we’ve had so far. I would like to share our story with others in the hopes that it helps build diversity and success in other teams.

Meetesh Karia is Chief Technology Officer at The Zebra, responsible for leadership in engineering and architecture for the company. He has an extensive history as a technical leader, having helped grow more than 70 startups as CTO at Thinktiv. Upon graduation from Duke University with degrees in Computer Science and Math, Meetesh began his career at Trilogy Software. He is one of the most highly recruited CTOs in Austin, Texas. Meetesh holds two patents, speaks three languages and is a published author in the field of computational geometry.

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Adaptability in Software Systems: Learning from Evolutionary Biology

December 13, 2018
 Aaron Longwell, CTO at CultureFoundry.  Also check out for your CTO tribe.

Mob Programming A Systems Approach

December 7, 2018

Presenter: Matt Ferguson, CTO of Zeeto

This presentation is meant to evaluate the practice of Mob programming from a systems engineering perspective.

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